Scaling New Heights: How Expatify Streamlined Shopify for Rollink's Global Expansion.

Scaling New Heights: How Expatify Streamlined Shopify for Rollink's Global Expansion.
Rollink, Hong Kong's leading provider of premium travel gear, had a vision: conquer new markets and solidify its position as a global travel brand. But their existing Shopify store, built for a domestic audience, couldn't handle the complexities of international trade and multilingual customer experiences. Enter Expatify, the Indonesian Shopify experts with a knack for turning local businesses into global powerhouses.

Our mission? To streamline Rollink's Shopify presence, optimizing it for efficiency and scalability. We overhauled the store's architecture, implementing a multi-currency framework and integrating seamless international shipping solutions. Localizing product descriptions and customer touchpoints became paramount, ensuring a culturally-sensitive experience for diverse audiences. We also implemented robust SEO strategies, propelling Rollink's brand visibility across new territories.

The Challenge.

  • Likening their previous website built with woocommerce. Features, animations, transitions should all match their previous website.
  • Ensuring website performance remains good even if a lot of assets are used.
  • The website should also be able to be easily customized by admins later.


  • Uses the basic theme “Dawn” and Tailwind CSS for good website performance and a faster development process.
  • Use metaobjects to hold a lot of custom data about products on product pages (PDP).
  • Compress every asset/image used so that the website remains in good performance even though a lot of images are used.


  • Consultancy
  • UI/UX eCommerce Design
  • Development
  • Payment Integration
  • Digital Marketing
  • Support

Custom Collection & Filters.

Dividing product categories into several rows, and in 1 row all the products are arranged with a slide effect, provides its own challenges, especially in responsive/mobile mode. And a filter that not only selects products but also has an autoscroll effect.


Custom Product Detail.

Using metafields on a product to select the right data for that product from metaobjects, not only makes it prettier in terms of design, but also makes things easier for you later.

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