Flocking to the Forefront: How Juaraga.id Took Indonesian Sportswear to the Next Level

Flocking to the Forefront: How Juaraga.id Took Indonesian Sportswear to the Next Level
Juaraga.id wasn't just another sportswear brand. They were a spark, igniting a passion for active lifestyles in the heart of Indonesia. But with a burgeoning fan base and ambitions stretching beyond local borders, their initial online store felt more like a cozy clubhouse than a global stadium. That's where Expatify stepped in, ready to transform Juaraga.id into the undisputed champion of Indonesian sportswear.

We approached the challenge like skilled strategists, crafting a digital game plan that would propel Juaraga.id to international victory. We revamped their online store, injecting it with sleek design, seamless functionality, and a multilingual interface that welcomed fans from all corners of the globe. We optimized their logistics, ensuring smooth delivery even to the farthest reaches of the Indonesian archipelago and beyond. But most importantly, we tapped into the heart of Juaraga.id's identity - their unwavering dedication to their passionate community.

The Challenge.

  • Juaraga trusted us to develop a design concept based on several references they provided.
  • Ensuring website performance remains good even if a lot of assets are used.
  • The website should also be able to be easily customized by admins later.


  • Create hi-fi prototyping in Figma for desktop and mobile according to the references provided.
  • Added new features that improve customer experience, such as wishlist, recent products, custom country switcher, custom cart drawer, etc.
  • Scaling its website to meet growing customer needs.


  • Consultancy
  • UI/UX eCommerce Design
  • Development
  • Payment Integration
  • Digital Marketing
  • Support

Custom Checkout.

create a custom checkout with a more precise and clear address for delivery in Indonesia, starting from selecting the province, city and sub-district.


Shopify POS.

Beyond the sleek storefront, Expatify empowered Juaraga.id with a robust Shopify POS system, transforming their physical stores into seamless extensions of their online empire.

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