Project Soul - The eyes are windows to the soul.

Project Soul - The eyes are windows to the soul.

Project Soul Story 

The eyes are windows to the soul. That is why glasses are no longer just a necessity, but a statement – a medium that conveys stories, personalities, and who the person is. Inspired by the cultural diversity when our early associate lived in different countries, we place focus on different designs and collections to suit the diverse stories of authentic humans. Thus, our vision is to create handcrafted eyewear with premium quality at a fair price; to empower individuals and give them the confidence to tell their stories proudly.

We create for those with strong perspectives and unshakable visions, or even those on a journey to get there. Therefore, the 'project' in project: soul serves as a double entendre; let our projects help you project your soul. One soul at a time, to make a change in the country.

Launched in October, 2020


The Challenge.

  • The client needed a new ecommerce website to sell their unique and stylish sunglasses online. We helped create a shopping journey that is user-friendly and easy to find all of their products with varied lenses & informative products to make it easier for customers to shop.
  • We focused on analyzing our client's direct online competitors - similar online stores. We diagnosed their performance in the areas of UI, UX, and users flow on desktops and mobile devices.


  • Our team developed functionality that allows end customers to choose & configure their lenses using the parameters of type and frame colors.
  • And adding a custom color swatch feature so that the UX is more attractive and makes it easier for customers to choose products.
  • Focus development on mobile users, as they have different behavior to desktop


  • Consultancy
  • UI/UX eCommerce Design
  • Development
  • Integrating Custom Software with Third-Party Applications
  • Support

Prescription Lens Selection

Another unique aspect of the eyewear eCommerce checkout process is prescription lens selection. The prescription lens needs to match the customer’s vision needs, and they must also consider multiple materials. Customers who need help understanding these lens options can quickly feel overwhelmed. 

Most eCommerce sites ask customers questions and guide them through a lens selection journey. We also recommend creating a few simplified lens bundles to make this process easier and limit the number of add-ons, which will likely result in higher conversion rates.


Virtual try-on

Style exploration is an important issue for online shoppers, and eCommerce eyewear retailers need a solution to help customers find the right choice. Solving the fit through virtual try-on speeds up the purchasing process and reduces the likelihood of returns.

We do a custom integration with for a virtual try-on solution.

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