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With Shopify Plus, you will get a more advanced and scalable e-commerce platform.

Shopify Plus is a more advanced and feature-rich version of Shopify's standard e-commerce platform, designed for larger and more complex businesses.

Made for scale  Grow your brand with the most scaled commerce platform on the planet.

14K+ Shopify Plus brands leading the charge

175 Countries and 21 languages to sell in

$590B+ Total sales in USD across Shopify

The reasons why you may want to consider using Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is designed to handle high volumes of traffic and transactions, making it a good fit for fast-growing businesses that need a platform that can scale with them.

Shopify Plus provides more flexibility and customization options than the standard Shopify platform, allowing you to create a truly unique e-commerce experience for your customers.

Shopify Plus includes a range of advanced features, such as custom checkout experiences, wholesale pricing, and automation tools, that are not available on the standard Shopify platform.

Shopify Plus users have access to a dedicated support team that can help with technical issues and provide guidance on how to get the most out of the platform.

Shopify Plus is optimized for high performance and fast page load speeds, which can help improve your website's SEO, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions.

Shopify Plus supports multiple languages, currencies, and payment methods, making it easy to expand your business into new international markets.

Why us?

We are the most Experienced Shopify Plus Expert in Indonesia

We have a lot of experience when it comes to Shopify Plus implementations – we’ve helped both local brands and large, enterprise-class companies to move their stores to Shopify Plus.

nobody like us

So whether it is launching a new store, migrating it from another ecommerce platform, improving store UI UX, optimizing store for best performance, or developing custom solutions for Shopify Plus – you can count on us.

shopify flows? shopify scripts? launchpad? …that’s expatify!

We can provide a range of services to help businesses set up, customize, and optimize your Shopify Plus stores.

An expert focused eCommerce solution designed specifically for higher volume stores.

Our Featured Clients

We have successfully completed eCommerce projects of any complexity in depth Shopify Plus developments.


Moving Indonesia’s Largest Selection Of Wines And Spirits Online.

With a broad idea of what they are looking for, minuman.com is able to easily guide the customer journey towards the perfect match.

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Shopify Plus might be the best choice for brands that grow quickly or already have billions IDR in revenue. From its ease of use and excellent support to its many notable features you can use to boost your shop, it has everything your shop might need. If you are thinking about starting selling internationally, then migrating to Shopify Plus might also turn out to be your best, as the tools inside the Plus subscription make creating multi-language pages and using multiple currencies easier than ever.

But the price is pretty hefty – so before you migrate, you should have a discussion with your team on whether it’s the right choice to make.

Fill out the contact form, tell us about your expansion plans and doubts about the migration as well. We will help you come up with the most efficient Shopify development strategy that suits you and your business’ future.

You’re in good hands.