Beyond Warranty: Proactive Care with DREW's Part Replacement Reminders

Beyond Warranty: Proactive Care with DREW's Part Replacement Reminders
Forget about passive warranty registrations. In today's digital age, customers crave a more holistic and personalized experience. Expatify, Official Shopify Partner for Indonesia, champions this approach. We recently collaborated with DREW, a leading air purifier brand, to create a solution that goes beyond the limitations of traditional warranties.

This case study dives into the development of Drew's "Part Replacement Reminder" feature, powered by Imagine a system where customers can easily register their purifier by simply checking the serial number. This seemingly simple step unlocks a world of benefits, including automated email reminders prompting them to replace air filters at optimal intervals.

The Challenge.

  • Data Storage and Management: Existing data storage solutions might not have been suitable for Drew's specific needs. Implementing a relational database from scratch ensured the data structure could efficiently handle product information and filter lifespans for various air purifier models.
  • Data Communication: Establishing seamless communication between Drew's existing systems, the Shopify store, and presented a challenge. Developing custom APIs from scratch became necessary to facilitate the secure and efficient flow of data between the server and website (and vice versa).
  • User Experience (UX) Design: Creating a user-friendly registration process was crucial. Simplifying serial number verification and ensuring a smooth registration flow were paramount for optimal customer adoption.


  • Data Integration: "We utilized a relational database for data integration and built the database structure from scratch." (This clarifies the purpose of the relational database.)
  • API Development: "We developed custom APIs from scratch to facilitate data communication between the server and website." (This simplifies the technical jargon for a broader audience.)
  • User Experience (UX) Design: (This sentence is perfect!)
  • Third-Party Integration: "Integrating with the server necessitated careful configuration to ensure seamless communication and automated email delivery of part replacement reminders." (This replaces "required" with a more formal synonym "necessitated" and clarifies "server" refers to Drew's system).


  • Consultancy
  • UI/UX eCommerce Design
  • Development
  • Payment Integration
  • Digital Marketing
  • Support

My warranty products with timeline of reminders

My Warranty Products with Timeline of Reminders provides a centralized location to view all your registered products with warranty information. This innovative feature goes beyond basic warranty details by displaying a clear timeline of upcoming reminders.


Check Serial Number Availability

Streamlines the product registration process. Simply enter your air purifier's unique serial number to instantly verify its eligibility for registration. This quick and convenient feature eliminates any guesswork and ensures seamless registration for your Drew air purifier.


Integration with

Takes your air purifier ownership experience to the next level. This powerful integration allows Drew to leverage's marketing automation platform. The result?Automated and personalized email reminders prompting you to replace air filters at optimal intervals. This ensures your air purifier maintains peak performance and delivers cleaner air for your home.

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