MINUMAN.COM - Moving Indonesia’S Largest Selection Of Wines And Spirits Online.

Tasked with building a flagship eCommerce platform for one of Indonesia’s largest alcohol retailers, Expatify drew on our team’s combined talents to maximise every area of the minuman.com customer journey.

Creating a complete, unique and most importantly, seamless end-to-end shopping experience was achieved through careful consideration of our client’s pre-existing retail expertise, and our ability in correctly presenting their new online venture to such a wide, yet specific audience.



With a customer base mostly new to this category of eCommerce, we set out to design a website that mirrors the look and feel of a traditional, yet knowledgeable retail space in an environment where users feel financially safe and secure.



Although Shopify is a great and sufficient platform for many clients wanting to launch into the world of eCommerce, there are some projects and setups that require the advanced features of it’s enterprise level ‘Plus’ tier.

Expatify was able optimise these high-end assets and deliver to our client a website that is not only able to efficiently manage exceedingly high levels of traffic, but does so without relying on excessive 3rd party installations.



  • UX Research & strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Custom UI/UX Development
  • Shopify Plus Advanced Setup
  • Advanced Promotion Rules with Shopify Script


The following case study will explain the development process of minuman.com


Based on our initial research, and discussing with our client which features would need to be prioritised, a wireframe site was formed.



Product Filters

With such a large and sometimes intimidating collection, personalisation would be an important feature of this website.

Users were given a very easy to understand set of filters with live results.
An overwhelming selection, quickly becomes only a handful of products matching the user’s specific search criteria.


Rich Search
Providing inspiration and discovery paths with product thumbnails exactly matching a customer’s search query, rich search results have a big and immediate impact that convert to faster sales.


Product Details

Each product page is incredibly important on this website.
Specific details that matter differently to each individual user are visible at a glance confirming their selection is perfectly suited to every occasion.


Interactive Promotion Rules

With so many promotions on minuman.com, our experience with shopify scripts makes any marketing strategy possible.



minuman.com is a demonstration of how the user interaction with a website can be a simple, clean and extremely positive shopping experience.

With a broad idea of what they are looking for, minuman.com is able to easily guide the customer journey towards the perfect match.

Occasional sippers, liquor lovers or connoisseur collectors, we recommend you dive into minuman.com’s unrivaled selection of always affordable, sometimes rare and extremely appealing catalog of wine and spirits.

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