Introducing the Shopify Translate & Adapt app

Shopify finally has launched Shopify Translate & Adapt, a feature that quickly localizes your customer journey.

With the Shopify Translate & Adapt app you can add new languages, create market-specific content, and watch your international conversions soar.


Translate with ease using the side-by-side editor
Add, review, and edit translations right next to your original content.


Add new languages in a flash with machine-powered translations
Auto-translate up to 2 languages (it's free!).


Adapt content for season, culture, region, and more
Go beyond language translation to send the right message in every market.


Pair your localized content with Shopify Markets
Translate & Adapt integrates seamlessly with Shopify Markets. Combine your store content with localized domains, pricing, payment methods, and more to improve SEO and convert customers around the world.


Shopify store eligibility: All shopify store owner globally can download the app from the Shopify App Store and use it to localize their store content.


There’s a whole world of customers out there, and to convert them, your store has to speak the right language.

Translate & Adapt is the easiest—and most seamless—way to add languages and manage custom content for your Shopify store. A side-by-side editor lets you add, edit, and review translations right next to your original content to ensure accuracy. Up to 2 languages can be auto-translated completely free, in addition to your own manual translations.

The power of localized content also doesn’t end at translation. Use the editor to customize and adapt content between markets with the same language to apply seasonal, cultural, and regional nuance to your store.

  • Activate languages for each of your markets
  • Import and organize your own manual translations
  • Add up to 2 free auto-translated languages*
  • Use the side-by-side editor to edit translations and reference original copy
  • Apply spot translations using the online store theme editor
  • Improve SEO in local markets with translated store content
  • Manage everything within Shopify in a seamless native experience**
  • This app works harmoniously with the features in Shopify Markets, so you can create a localized experience for every market you sell to. Improve customer experience, store traffic, and conversion rates with Translate & Adapt, the only translation and custom content tool built by Shopify.

* Automatic translations are powered by Google Translate (
** Excludes content from third-party apps.

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