Mobile App UI vs Web UI: 5 Reasons Your Online Store Needs a Mobile App

Over the years, the way businesses connected and communicated with their customers has vastly evolved. While it was a challenging task in the past, the rise of smartphones has paved the way for these businesses to engage their customers. Problem comes when choosing between a mobile app and a mobile website. Most brands offer mobile optimized websites that KINDA fulfills the needs for customers who access their content over a mobile device. 

But do they really offer the best experience for their customers, and truly help them capture the essence of their brand? Let’s take a quick look at how mobile apps score over mobile optimized websites! 

1. Improved Engagement

In terms of engagement, mobile apps offer real-time notifications that enable businesses to stay in touch with their customers super efficiently! Automating abandoned cart notifications, welcome messages, inactive user notifications with rich media that include appealing images, videos and GIFs help maximize retention and optimize engagement. 

Push notifications are one the easiest ways to improve app retention! Sending push notifications increases app retention rates by 3 to 10 times.

2. Enhanced Performance

Mobile apps outdo websites in terms of performance, offering much more than just a web version of the online store. Apart from reaching out to customers over real-time notifications, mobile apps can offer an enhanced experience for your visitors which is extremely difficult with a mobile website. 

According to a ComScore study, 80% of mobile users move their most preferred apps to their home screens due to frequent usage. 

3. More Personalization

Mobile apps empower your customers with absolute personalization! The more your audience gets to personalize their digital experience, the more they enjoy shopping from your brand. And personalization is a trend that’s going nowhere. Remember, a great personalized user experience has a great chance of getting higher conversions! 

According to Epsilon, 80% of shoppers say they’re more likely to make purchases with brands that offer highly personalized experiences

4. Better Functionality 

Mobile apps usually get access to other parts of a phone like camera and mic, that allows them to offer more features. For example, an e-commerce boutique store could offer a feature where users can click a picture of theirs, and “try out” clothes and accessories that are available in your store.

5. Offline Availability

Mobile websites, or any website in general, require internet connectivity. Mobile apps, on the other hand, offer users the majority of access to their content and features! Users may lose connectivity, but they can be assured that everything will be synced up and work when it’s restored.

6. Superior Branding

Companies that offer mobile apps can extend their branding to mobile and digital by offering unique shopping experiences, owing to the possibilities of personalization, functionality, design choices and creativity! 

It’s well known that there’s an increased usage of mobile devices since the inception of smartphones! ComScore reports that over 71% of their online traffic comes from mobile devices! 

Users now prefer mobile apps over websites due to the ease of usage, performance, enhanced functionalities and so much more! The preference has been more prevalent since the pandemic turned the world upside down, with customers who once shied away from online and mobile shopping getting used to the convenience of shopping at their fingertips! 

Choosing the right medium for your business is entirely up to your requirements and budget. Building your own mobile app is no longer a time consuming task, and honestly does not require any coding knowledge anymore. Vajro, the most reviewed top-rated mobile app builder on Shopify, enables you to build a mobile app with a simple drag-and-drop builder, and offers features like real-time rich media notifications, live video selling, 50+ integrations and so much more! 

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