How does live video commerce shorten the shopping journey?

Gone are the days of hopping around 10 odd shops to search for the best quality product at an affordable price. This time consuming shopping is more of a pain than pleasure. As the technology progressed, people started resorting to online shopping to save time and get the product at doorstep. But most of the time, this type of shopping lacks emotions and doesn’t provide that feel of offline shopping. Hence brands now use live or prerecorded videos to create awareness around their products and services. Video is powerful enough to engage the customers in an efficient way. However, there’s a new kid on the block. It’s called live stream shopping and has the power to increase your conversion rate by taking customers through different stages of the purchasing journey in one go. But engagement alone is only one part of the equation: A question remains around how to get them to transact. The customer journey usually consists of three steps: awareness, consideration, and purchase. This article talks about the 3 stages in detail and how live video shopping helps the customers to move from one stage to another without hassle.

The Awareness stage: This is a very important stage as the customers need to realize that they have a problem which your product might solve. For example, the customer needs to go to a party and have already bought a dress but need the matching accessories. So the customer is already aware of the problem and is actively looking for a solution. Usually they check it online but consistently look for better solutions other than traditional commerce. When they check the product on live video shopping, they become aware of the solution and try to better understand how to onboard the solution into their activity. At this stage, live stream shopping is something that intrigues potential customers, making them curious to see what they can gain from a live session.

The Consideration Stage: This is the stage where the customers start introspecting the solutions and evaluate the available options. They check for the quality and affordability of the products and tend to go for the most suitable solution. After you helped them identify the problem, it is now time to convince them that you are worthy of being shortlisted as a potential solver of this problem. The goal is to be as helpful and as informative as possible. And this goal can be well accomplished via live video shopping. 


The Purchase Stage: Now the customers know their problem and the solution, it’s time to seal the deal. You just need to make clear what is the added value that you bring to the table. The TV channels had a slew of video channels like QVC where the products are showcased but the customers do not have a proper call to action to close the purchase loop. Once they have checked the products, it’s just the small details that make the difference. And live video shopping helps to spot these differences in this stage and make the purchase.

Live Video shopping helps to clone the brick and mortar experience in all the three stages for the customers. It is actually not just shopping but a clever combination of shopping and entertainment, often called Shoppertainment. Shopping in itself is a very complex process but live video helps to add a human face to the entire process which makes it simpler in a jiffy.


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