Aleza Generated Additional Revenue Using Web Push Notifications

Aleza is an Indonesian brand that designs modest, stylish clothing. To grow their customer base and turn store visitors into repeat buyers, we helped the fashion label set up a successful web push marketing strategy using PushOwl. With the web push notification app, Aleza was able to promote its sales and new collection launches, and most importantly, recover carts abandoned by interested shoppers, turning them into successful purchases.

Notable results

  • 157x ROI
  • 11K+ subscribers with web push notifications
  • 8.2% CTR for welcome notifications
  • 2.7% CTR for web push campaigns
  • 5.69% CTR for abandoned cart reminders
  • 5.8% conversion rate for abandoned cart reminders

Instant promotions sent to the device screen

With web push notifications, Aleza could easily send promotions to their large subscriber base and instantly reach them on their device screen.

We worked with the fashion brand to send promotions about their new collections, time-sensitive sales, and even conversational messages that drove high clicks and conversions.

Recovering abandoned carts with web push notifications

Using PushOwl, we set up abandoned cart notifications that are automatically sent to shoppers who abandon their carts, helping the fashion label recover carts instantly. Since shoppers don’t have to leave their personal details to subscribe, Aleza was able to capture even anonymous shoppers as subscribers and send them reminders about their waiting cart.

We helped the brand personalize their abandoned cart messages by writing them in the local language and setting them up to be sent at timely intervals. Aleza sees a 5.69% CTR on their abandoned cart notifications and a conversion rate as high as 7.9% on their first abandoned cart notification.

With a highly visible and low friction channel like web push notifications and a well-planned and iterated marketing strategy, Aleza was able to communicate with their subscribers better and successfully add web push notifications as a revenue-generating marketing channel. The fashion brand has a 157x ROI on their PushOwl spend.

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