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Founded in 2018 B.I.B was literally “born in Bali” when the brand’s curators and friends, Kerry and Diana, turned their long love affair with the beautiful, eclectic and alluring Island of the Gods into a boutique offering of luxe, high quality unisex resort wear and cosmetics. 

With a touch of sexiness and the edginess of Canggu 80351 culture,  B.I.B range has become a way to showcase something that combines the natural beauty, captivating soul and skilled craftsman ship of Bali with a chic aesthetic, effortless style, jetset functionality and attitude that celebrates living life a little on the edge. 

Beauty in imperfection. B.I.B uses 100% natural, pure, breathable, organic, woven, hand-crafted fibres of the highest quality. All our garments are made by hand with love from Bali.

BORN IN BALI™ is a luxury lifestyle brand for the wild and free. It has been created with the adventurers, the lovers and the dreamers in mind. Rugged yet refined, tailored but comfortable, B.I.B was created for the luxe island lifestyle.  In B.I.B., days are longer, nights end well, and the odds are always tilted in your favour.


Launched in April 27, 2020




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