Product Filtering by Boost Commerce vs Shopify OS 2.0 Storefront Filtering

Boost Product Filter & Search now becomes Boost AI Search & Discovery. Boost AI Search & Discovery are employing AI/ML technologies to the core of  products to bring more conversion-boosting features to Shopify merchants. The latest release includes AI-powered search, AI-powered recommendation, revamped Visual merchandising, and more.

Shopify Unite 2021 has brought a myriad of breakthroughs to both online merchants and Shopify app builders, especially with the Shopify Online Store 2.0 (OS 2.0). The new theme structure and architecture has introduced Shopify merchants with new functions, which previously required a third-party app to perform.

In August 2022, Shopify introduced Shopify Search & Discovery app to replace the used-to-be-known-as Storefront filtering on OS 2.0. This article will compare product filters backed by Product Filter & Search - #1 app for collection filters on Shopify App Store and the default Shopify App.


Comparison table

Product filter options

The diversity of filter options

With the updates of OS 2.0, Shopify allows merchants to create storefront filtering, including Filter by

  • Availability - Default
  • Price - Default
  • Product type - Default
  • Vendor (Brand) - Default
  • Product options - Custom
  • Metafields (March 2022 update) - Custom

for collections in the Navigation setting. Currently, Shopify allows merchants to add up to 4 default filters and up to 20 custom filters.

Compared with the 5 essential filter types according to Baymard, it only misses the Filter by Rating. Besides, it no longer supports Tag Filtering - a very helpful and popular filter option in many stores. As a result, the product filtering of Shopify is quite sufficient for small online stores with an inconsiderable number of items.


Merchants can now add filters on collection pages in the Navigation setting of the Shopify dashboard.


An important thing is that if your customer has their currency set to anything other than your store's primary currency, then the price filter of OS 2.0 isn't displayed. Furthermore, the native filters are hidden for collections with over 5,000 products. (Shopify Help Center)

Apparently, there are some limitations in the current product filtering of Shopify. That's why online merchants need this app to fill in the gaps. With boostcommerce, you can create an extensive range of filters. Thanks to the powerful Filter by Tag and Metafield, it's actually a piece of cake to make a filter out of anything.


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