Shopify City & Sub-District Dropdown

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Make it easier for customers to purchase with the convenience of perfect custom city dropdown choices.

This custom development converts the text-input city field to the select dropdown in checkout address (shipping & billing) & customer address pages.
And also add dynamic and perfect sub-districts according to the city's choice by the customer
We have created the data structure for regions, cities, and sub-district without any administration capabilities.

Having city & sub-district as a dropdown field can have the following advantages for the store:

  • Eliminates typos, reduces the entry of incorrect addresses
  • Effortless selection of regions/cities for customers
  • Can be used in the shipping fee calculator
  • Can be used as a shopping condition for the cart rules
  • Easier to restrict shipping based on cities


Shopify Store requirements:

Shopify Plus (These customs are available to Shopify Plus merchants only.)

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Shopify City & Sub-District Dropdown

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